Made in Sapporo

High quality


Our work is for person's emotion.



Everyone is filled with joy when given something beyond their imagination.
Senkosha wants to share that joy with all people, connected as we all are.

We as builders are mainly focused on creating spaces for commercial facilities.
The quality of work is born of the attention given in its assembly.
We want to carry craftsmanship to its extreme, giving such attention to detail that others ask "Are you really going that far?"

Since our founding in 1971, our clients have given us numerous opportunities.
Our strengths are Quality, Unity and Responsiveness.
These strengths were born through our relationship with clients.

Our corporate philosophy of "Craftsmanship
to touch people's hearts" was born from the words of our employees.


Corporate Philosophy

We here at Senkosha, in order to share passion and joy with all people, connected as we are, always strive for 'Craftsmanship to touch people's hearts.'

Business Achievements

Last 7 Years 20 worldwide brands Orders for 194 shops nationwide


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Senkosha offers here photographs of our daily work.
Please find the equipment in our plant, and the skill that our craftsmen bring to their work.

DURCH エンディングに、デザインを。
DURCH エンディングに、デザインを。